Do you as an influencer also dream of being able to make money from your content?

True Followrs is the best and most user-friendly platform for influencers and content creators earning money on premium content based on memberships by providing premium access to their work and niche.

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On our platform

Benefits as an influencer

True Followrs is for influencers, who don’t think that all content should be free. We are not like every other platforms. We offer even more benefits and you will always get a dedicated success manager, where together you create the right marketing, price and content strategy.

78% commission

You get 78% of everything you earn. This means we only take 22% of everything you earn. The only thing you have to think about is doing what you do best - we take care of the rest.

VIP bonus program

We have created a VIP program on the platform that gives you a lot of benefits as an influencer. We have made premium partnerships worldwide as you get for free.

Marketing plan

Once you are accepted on True Followrs, our marketing team prepares a marketing plan in collaboration with you. The marketing plan gives you a good structure for how you can get your followers to subscribe and how you maintain your subscribers.

Don't think about VAT

We report all VAT for you, so you only have to focus on getting new paying followers and delivering great content.

Succes manager

When you are accepted as an influencer, you will be connected to a dedicated success manager who can always help or advise you. Your success manager has a minimum of 4 years of experience with influencer marketing, so you are always in safe hands.

Fast payout

We make sure you ALWAYS get your payment on time and you can decide when you want your money paid out with our payout now function.

Who are True Followers for?

We do not work with all influencers. We only work with specific and selected influencers who we believe we can create succes for. Everyone can register and pay to see their favorite influencers. 

However we have a wide range of different types of profiles on our platform. We believe that influencers should be paid for premium content. True Followrs are for all influencers who are tired of followers seeing their content completely free on other social media.

We offer a ground-breaking platform with exciting features, many earning opportunities and a fantastic community that is built around exciting networks, great events and a team that will help and teach you how to make money from your followers. 

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About True Followrs

After a lot of thinking, late pizza nights and countless tests, we had the foundation for True Followers. The first code was written in November 2021, but far from the last.

Today, True Followrs consists of a team of lawyers, influencer marketing specialists, sales people and developers.

🧡 Our vision and mission:

We are much more than paid content based on subscription. Through ground-breaking algorithms, features and initiatives, we will create a platform that gives our influencers the most optimal and new opportunities to earn money from their content.

Our mission is to create the right connection between the influencers and their followers on a platform where the earning possibilities are unlimited. To the same extent, we want to create a community where experiences, great network and events become the key to increasing the motivation and activities of our influencers.


What does the influencers think?

Christel Trubka
Christel Trubka137000 followers
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I have worked with the team behind True Followrs in many other cases based on their successful track record within influencer marketing. It has been difficult to make money through collaborations with brands, but it is so much easier to make money through your followers, which you can do on True Followrs.
Oliver Erngart
Oliver Erngart152000 followers
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I never really found the key to monetizing my social media. I have an incredible following, but brands have never really understood the value of my work. True Followrs is an absolutely fantastic platform where I can earn money by showing my followers my world from a different angle.
Simone Julie
Simone Julie17000 followers
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I don't have that many followers, but they are all really loyal. True Followrs has helped me figure out that my followers want to see "behind the scenes" - and most want to pay for it! Why not get paid for the content that you give out for free on other social media anyway?!

What can you earn?

We have made a simple salary calculator which tells you how much you can earn from True Followers depending on how many new paying subscribers you can get and how much they each pay. Please feel free to play with it.



0 10000
Subscription Price (EUR/Month)


Sign up now

Then your total payment every month will be


Here is what you will earn every month if you hit that many subscribers and you set your subscription price as you have done. Remember that you decide entirely yourself what your subscription price should be on the platform. And in relation to the number of your subscriptions, we help you get that 😉

Next exclusive party

Days until next event

During the year we hold various exclusive parties for all our influencers on our platform who have helped contribute to their own success and ours. We want to create a hub and community for influencers that doesn’t just happen behind the screen.

Every year we find a new great venue and throw an unforgettable party! Mark your calendar – and we’ll keep you updated.

True Followrs is for influencers who

True Followrs is not for influencers who

Any questions?

Frequently asked questions below

Anyone who wants to be a part of our space can register for free. As a influencer you will be able to post content. Before you can start to register, you most complete the safety process. Since safety is in high priority in our space, you as a influencer must complete a verification process. This is for your safety reason and also so we as a space, can protect you. Before you can start earning money, you have to be over 16. Attach a picture of your official document, such as driver license, ID card.

True Followrs is all about making a space for all creative influencers. This could mean sharing “behind the scenes” content or videos for your followers. 

There could be many reasons. But the most common reasons why payments fail, or decline is:

  • Expired credit card information
  • Incorrect payment information

Everyone can register and pay to see their favorite influencer. But not everyone can be verified as an influencer.

To become an influencer on True Followr you need to create an account and press “get verified as an influencer” where you have to go through our KYC process.

If you get accepted you have to choose your desired payment method and then you can start by promoting and earn money on your content.

There is no limit on how much you as an influencer can earn per month. There are a lot of influencers that are earning more than €7,000 per month. You can boost your income on pictures, videos and much more. 

There are many ways to do that. One of the most popular ways to do this, is on your other social media platforms. This could be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Inside your dashboard on True Followers, there is a link that you can copy and use to promote on the social media sites mentioned above. You can actually use the link wherever you want.

Yes of course. We have made it possible for you to get your payment directly to your account whenever you want.