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Access to unforgetable experiences and exlusive events worlwide

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Access to unforgetable experiences and exlusive events worlwide

Frequently asked questions

As a general rule, we do not approve you as a creator unless you have a minimum of 10.000 followers on either TikTok, Instagram, or other social media platforms. However, we make exceptions if we believe your profile aligns with our exclusive community. You can always apply to become a creator, and you will always receive a response on the same day you apply.
True Followrs is a platform where you, as a creator, can create clean behind-the-scenes content and earn unlimited money by getting up close with your most loyal followers. On the platform, there are several different earning opportunities so you can maximize your income – for example, through our 1-1 mass paid message, our paid post, tips, or subscriptions.
When you apply as a creator, we review your profile and always estimate your earnings based on data from other similar creators with the same number of followers, exposure, target audience, etc. That being said, your income is unlimited. The more behind-the-scenes content you provide, and the closer and more personal you become with your followers, the more you earn. It is not unusual to spend 4 hours per week and earn +10,000 euros per month through the earning opportunities we offer on your True Followrs profile.
No, we do not allow explicit content such as nudity, violence, and religion! It is crucial for us that our community is an exclusive and safe place to be in.
You can withdraw as many times as you want per month, and you’ll have the money in your account within 2-3 business days.

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