Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 2022-08-10

Valid from: 26.10.2022

The True Followrs Platform revolutionize the way Influencers and their followrs are connected.

True Followrs is a platform where you as an Influencer with respect for our Terms and Conditions, get the opportunity to create and share your exclusive content – and make money from it!

In our space you do not work with third party brands, but only your dedicated and loyal followers – in our language your true “Followrs”. On the True Followrs Platform, you get control of your own success. We have made it possible for you to generate revenue, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You do not have to wait until next month. You can give exclusive value to your Followrs and accept payment immediately as well as on a subscription basis.

These are our Terms & Conditions, and this constitute the Agreement that you enter into with us, and which you accept in its entirety by using the True Followrs Platform.

These terms apply to all users of True Followrs and represent your binding agreement with us. “We”, “our” or “us” refers to True Followrs Aps. “True Followrs Platform” refers to the platform and the services offered by us. By using the True Followrs Platform, you accept these Terms and Conditions, and you also accept all other policies, standards, guidelines etc. we publish. Read them carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

You can find information about our data practices in our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.

We may collect and use your information in accordance with these policies.

By creating an account, becoming an authorized Influencer providing content, signing up for subscription and/or purchasing content as a true Followr, or otherwise visiting or using our services, you accept this Agreement and consent to entering into this electronic contract with us.

If you are a legal entity other than a natural person, the person who registers the account or otherwise uses our services must be authorized to bind the entity. In this context, “you” means both the entity and each person authorized to access the account.

We may update this Agreement by publishing a revised version on our website. For any material changes, we will update you by sending an e-mail.

By continuing to use our services, you accept any revised agreement.

Your account

When you create an account, you must provide us with accurate information in good faith, and you agree to keep your information up to date if there are any changes. You must be at least 13 years old to create an account. To sign up for a subscription plan and become a true Followr of an Influencer and/or purchase stand alone content you must be at least 18 years old or have valid permission from a parent. To apply and be approved as an authorized Influencer you must be at least 18 years old or have a valid permission from a parent.

You are responsible for everything that happens when someone is logged in to your account, as well as for the security of the account. Contact us immediately if you believe your account has been hacked.

Offensive behavior

As mentioned, you are the one responsible for all activity on your account. If you violate our policies, we may terminate your account. Do not do anything illegal, act insultingly towards others, or do anything that violates us or the True Followrs Platform. If you are an Influencer who generates revenue through the True Followrs Platform, we may be held responsible for what you use these funds for. Therefore, we will also reserve the right to look at what you do with your membership outside of the True Followrs Platform, and if we determine in our sole discretion that you are doing something inadequate to our Terms and Conditions or detrimental to the reputation of us, we may terminate your account.

These terms encapsulate most issues which we can imagine, but we reserve all rights to take the necessary actions if for any reason new and/or other issues are being used to harm us, the True Followrs Platform or our community.

All about being an Influencer

An Influencer is someone who creates an account and becomes verified through the Influencer page on the True Followrs Platform (“an Influencer”). The Influencer can subsequently provide content to their subscribers who have purchased subscriptions from True Followrs (“a Followr”) to support the Influencer’s content, as well as offering standalone content which can be purchased by anyone subject to a separate fee. There are a lot of details below that involve payments, fees, tax and restrictions that you should read in full if you are an Influencer.

Reporting as an influencer

If you as an influencer in Denmark not actively choose whether to report through your company’s VAT number, we will automatically report it as a B-income each month. True Followrs is not obligated to inform the specific influencer that the money has been reported as B-income if the influencer has not made an active choice about the type of reporting desired.

Deleting account as influencer:

True Followrs reserves the right to delete/terminate influencer accounts at any time if it is determined that the influencer is not complying with our guidelines in any manner. The influencer acknowledges that True Followrs is not required to provide prior notice or explanation before such deletion. The account may be deleted for reasons including, but not limited to, violations of our content rules, attempts at tax evasion, or other serious breaches of platform regulations or laws. In the event of account deletion or termination, please refer to the “Lost funds as influencer” section in the terms and conditions.

Verification as an Influencer

To become an Influencer, simply fill in the required information and apply to become a part of our community and start your Influencer journey. You can use the tools provided by us, interact with your Followrs, view your content and generate revenue from your own site as well as take part in the True Followrs V.I.P program. On the True Followrs Platform, you can give your Followrs exclusive content and engaging experiences, etc. In return, you get support from your Followrs signing up for a subscription plan or simply just purchasing your content on a standalone basis. These purchasing options all leads to revenue that Followrs are purchasing through the True Followrs Platform, but operated as a relationship between you, as the Influencer, and the subscriber/purchaser, your true Followr.

Marketing Plan

Once you are accepted and verified as an Influencer on the True Followrs Platform, our marketing team prepares a marketing plan in collaboration with you. The marketing plan gives you a good structure for how you can get your Followrs to subscribe and how you maintain your subscribers. For the avoidance of doubt, you have no obligation to use the plan, and we do not guarantee any results or likewise and bear no responsibility whatsoever in relation to the marketing plan.

Succes Manager

When you are accepted and verified as an Influencer on the True Followrs Platform, you will be connected to a dedicated success manager who will do their best to help or advise you. Your success manager will have plenty of experience with influencer marketing, so you are always in safe hands.


As an Influencer, you make your content available on the True Followrs Platform, and we provide access to your Followrs on a subscription basis, or as standalone content.

We also handle payment problems such as fraud, chargebacks and settlement of payment disputes. We try to provide timely access to your funds, but you may occasionally experience delays in accessing your funds. We may also block or withhold payments in the event of violations of our policies or other regulatory provisions, including the collection of tax information.

When payments are delayed or blocked, we will try to communicate the reason to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about a payment block, please contact us on support@truefollowrs.com.

To protect Influencers, we may block Followrs’ payments if we believe we are experiencing fraudulently behavior. Sometimes activities such as refunds can put your account balance in the red. If your balance decreases, we reserve the right to recover these funds from future payments.


As an Influencer, there are two fees associated with your membership on True Followrs.

  1. We, True Followrs ApS, will as a service fee receive 22% of all your income as an Influencer (“Standard Service Fee).

  2. Immediate withdrawal button: in addition to the Standard Service Fee we will charge an administration fee of 2% of the withdrawal made following use of the Immediate Withdrawal Button, meaning the total fee we charge will be 24%.


Limitations on content

We do not allow content that violate our policies. For more information, visit our Platform Standards. Here is a summary of what we do not allow:

  • Illegal content.

  • Content that offend other people.

  • Content that exploits the intellectual property of others, unless you have written permission to use it.

  • Content of real people engaging in sexual acts or being portrayed completely without clothing – or in any other pornographic way.

  • Content that can be associated with terrorism in any way, including terrorist financing.

  • Any attempt to use or apply malicious programs, scripts or codes, or other actions to manipulate, disrupt or damage the True Followrs Platform or its content

  • Content where you as an Influencer promote brands / partners in paid partnerships. True Followrs is based solely on a relationship between you as an Influencer and your Followrs.

If your Followrs include people under the age of 18, remind them that they must have permission to participate in your subscription and that people under the age of 13 are not allowed to use True Followrs. We are under no obligation to allow any particular person or group of persons to be your Followr.

As an Influencer, you are also responsible for keeping Followrs’ data secure. You can see what is required in our Data Processing Agreement as part of our Privacy Policy. Your account is linked to your content and cannot be sold or transferred for use by another Influencer.

Being a true followr (a “Followr)

A Followr is a person who sign up for a subscription plan to an Influencer, as offered on the True Followrs Platform, to support the content of their favorite Influencers. Through a paid subscription on True Followrs, the Followr may interact directly with Influencers they support, using tools provided by True Followrs. Through the True Followrs Platform, you have the opportunity to participate in a larger community of Followrs and Influencers.

As a Followr, you sign up on True Followrs to support an Influencer’s content, while receiving exclusive content that may include photos, videos, exciting experiences with the Influencer, or completely different exclusive content from the Influencer. In return, the Followr pay the Influencer for the content delivered, as well as True Followrs for providing the subscription platform to access and support the Influencers you like.

The timing and amount of each subscription plan depends on the type of subscription agreement you enter into and what the Influencer you support offer. You can see the details when you sign up to the Influencers. You can see all your active subscriptions and your billing history on your account page. For the avoidance of doubt, the minimum subscription fee will be 5€.

To become a Followr, simply create an account on the True Followrs Platform, add your payment method, and sign up for a subscription program to your preferred Influencer and start supporting

Generally, there are three types of subscription plans, as well as an additional one-time payment solution, as described below.

1. Monthly Subscription – One is a monthly subscription where you pay per month.

2. Three-month Subscription – The second is a three-month subscription, where you pay upfront for a three-month period at a reduced price.

3. Annual Subscription – The third option for subscription is an annual subscription, where you pay in advance for one year of access at a reduced price. Not all Influencers allow for all subscription types, and the offering may vary depending on the Influencers.

One-time payment solution – Where you pay a fixed fee per content, to various rates as determined by the Influencer. This is on top of any subscription plan.

Your options will be presented to you in the payment process and in regard to the One-time payment solution this will be presented on the content in question.

Any subscription plan can be canceled, but not reduced. Termination of subscriptions will take effect in the subsequent (non-current) payment period. If you increase your payment to a higher level in an annual subscription, it will take effect during the current payment period.

When you increase your payment for an annual subscription during the period, you will receive a credit for any payment already made during this period.

If you cancel your subscription, this may result in you losing access to notices and content that are only for the Followrs of the Influencer.

This includes when you cancel your subscription, your payment method failed, the Influencer blocks you, or the Influencer deletes their account. We are not obligated to allow you to be a follower of any particular Influencer.

Influencers’ subscription offerings vary, and we have limited control over quality and specific offers. We try to screen for scammers etc. but we cannot guarantee the identity of Influencers or the validity of any allegations they make including the content delivered by the Influencer account. We appreciate your help in reporting suspicious influencer sites so we can keep the True Followrs Platform safe.

If you are in the legal area where True Followrs is required to collect tax (such as VAT or sales tax), this tax will be added to the total collection.

Except in certain limited circumstances, this tax will appear when you create the first membership subscription. We transfer all tax collected to the applicable tax authority. Because tax largely depends on the location of your location, you are responsible for ensuring that your address is complete and up to date.

As a Followr, you get access to the exclusive content that you purchase on a subscription basis via the True Followrs Platform. This subscription is linked to your profile and you must therefore not: (a) transmit or distribute content from Influencers in any way; (b) publicly display any Content of Influencers; (c) resell views of any Content from Influencers; or (d) allow others to log in to your account for the purpose of viewing the content of Influencers. All rights not granted are expressly reserved to the True Followrs Platform and each individual Influencer.

Content from Influencers is provided based on availability. We do not warrant that certain content will be available for streaming upon subscription, while some content may not be available for viewing on in all circumstances.

If your account is deleted, you will lose the opportunity to view content for which you have purchased a subscription. Under no circumstances will we transfer rights to other accounts or platforms.


Our refund policy is, that we do not immediately issue refunds. However, there may be exceptions. Our team will always look at the complaints and follow up. Therefore, we always lock the payment for a necessary amount of investigation time after the payment to the Influencer. For more info, jump onto our Refund Policy to read more.

In this way, we can always pay out the money in a responsible way and secure that everything promised by the Influencer is fulfilled.

Our role

We proactively look at pages and content on the True Followrs Platform to make sure our Influencers adhere to our Platform Standards and Content Standards. We therefore have the right to access and view all material uploaded via the True Followrs Platform at any time. If you have any questions please get in touch, we always strive to respond within 24-72 hours.

We may also investigate reports of potential violations. Upon instigating such investigations these may take some time to complete and may also include a dwelling into – more closely – what activity is supported by funds received through the True Followrs Platform.

In most situations, we will work with the Influencers to resolve any violations and give the Influencer the opportunity to continue using the True Followrs Platform. We do not just terminate an account – this only happens in the most extreme cases.

We reserve the right to remove an Influencer, or a Followr’s option to sign up for subscriptions.

Let us know at support@truefollowrs.com if you see potential violations of our standards.

We are constantly testing new features with the aim of making the True Followrs Platform better. We can add or remove features and may test features with a random group from the True Followrs Platform. If relevant – and necessary – we will explain such features.

With your permission, we may allow other websites or services to verify information about your account or perform actions on your behalf. You will be asked for this permission when you link your account on the True Followrs Platform with these other websites or services. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy. We always welcome new innovative initiatives and solutions, and if you have good ideas to improve the True Followrs Platform, you are welcome to write to support@truefollowrs.com. If you make suggestions to us about improvements or products or services, we may use your suggestions by any means and without any rights or compensation being due to you.

Deletion of account

You can delete your account at any time with 14 days’ notice by contacting us on support@truefollowrs.com. We may terminate or suspend your account at any time in our sole discretion. We may also cancel any subscriptions and remove descriptions, notices or content at our sole discretion. If we suspend or terminate another person’s account, you may not make a claim to us and you agree not to make such a claim. If you attempt to make such a claim, you are responsible for the costs involved, including attorneys’ fees and expenses.

If you delete your account you are responsible for the content followers have paid for and if it turns out that even after deleting your account, there is an outstanding amount due to us, we reserve the right to collect these and send you an invoice, and you shall be obliged to settle any remaining invoices falling due, even after deleting the account.

These terms still apply even if you no longer have an account.

Your content

You maintain the full ownership of all your content, but you give us permission to use it on the True Followrs Platform and in any way, we find necessary to promote the True Followrs Platform. Make sure you have permission to use the content you offer on the True Followrs Platform.

As described, the content you put out on the True Followrs Platform is yours and you retain full ownership of all of such content, but upon entering into this Agreement and posting content on the True Followrs Platform, you grant us irrevocably, worldwide and in perpetuity, licenses to use for the effective operation of the True Followrs Platform and to use, reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or prepare derivative works of your content on a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, licensable, worldwide and in perpetuity basis. The purpose of these licenses is to enable us to offer and promote subscriptions to your Followrs, and to use your content for commercial and marketing purposes in connection with the True Followrs Platform. We will never try to steal your content or use it for exploitation purposes. You are not allowed to post content that infringes on the intellectual property or proprietary rights of others. We may ask you to confirm the consent of affiliates who are depicted in content funded through the True Followrs Platform.

Your Followrs may in no way use content posted by Influencers without this being authorized by the Influencer.

You authorize us to use your name, image, biography, trademarks, logos or other identifiers that you use in your account profile for the purpose of displaying such properties to the public or audiences you have specified.

These licenses include all necessary rights and licenses to enable us to exercise our rights and perform our obligations. By granting these licenses, you waive any so-called “moral rights” that you may have. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as a license condition applicable to the True Followrs Platform; rather, any breach of any of its True Followrs ApS’s terms will at most give rise to a claim for breach of contract. All licenses providing herein are in addition to any other licenses that you may grant.

Your third-party apps

You may give us access to your third-party accounts, e.g. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., for certain features to work on the True Followrs Platform. Each time you link your third-party account, that third-party account presents a page that describes the information that we gain access to. You can revoke our access to these accounts at any time using the security settings on that particular third party’s site.

True Followrs own works

Our own, True Followrs ApS, materials and works are protected by copyright laws, trademarks and trade secrets. The text on the website and our logo are non-exhaustive examples of our materials. We grant you a non-exclusive license to use our logo to promote your True Followrs page. You may not otherwise publish materials by us or use, reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or prepare derivative works / material of our works without our written permission. Ask us if you have any questions.


You indemnify us from any loss and / or liability, including legal fees, that may arise as a result of these Terms and Conditions or be related to your use of True Followrs. We reserve the right to control the legal defense actions in connection with a claim covered by this clause. If we exercise this right, you’ll be obligated to help us with our legal defense. Your obligation to indemnify us under this clause also applies to our subsidiaries, affiliates, executives, board members, employees, agents and third-party service providers.

Disclaimer of warranty

The True Followrs Platform is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind. Any warranty of fit for a particular purpose, non-infringement and any other warranty is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. The disclaimer of warranty under this clause also applies to our subsidiaries, affiliates and third-party service providers.

Limitation of liability

In all respects, we are not liable to you – or others – for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of these Terms and Conditions or of your use or attempt to use the True Followrs Platform. Our liability is limited to the amount we have earned through your use of the True Followrs Platform. In particular, we are not liable for losses in connection with non-fulfillment and losses caused by conflicting contractual agreements. Based on this clause, “we” and “our” are defined to include our subsidiaries, affiliates, senior executives, board members, employees, agents and third-party service providers.


This Agreement begins when you use our services for the first time and continues as long as you use our service or have an account with us, whichever is longer. We may terminate this Agreement with users of the True Followrs Platform at any time by giving thirty (30) days written notice, and users of the True Followrs Platform may terminate by deleting their account of the True Followrs Platform, in accordance with the rules sat out related to such deletion, in these Terms and Conditions.

If you breach this Agreement, we are entitled to, in our sole discretion: (a) terminate this Agreement immediately, with or without prior written notice; (b) suspend, delete or restrict access to your account or content on it; and (c) to the extent permitted by applicable law, withhold any amount due to you (which you lose). If we delete your account due to a breach, you will not be able to re-register to the True Followrs Platform unless granted prior written approval by us.

In the event of termination or expiration, sections on indemnification, disclaimers, limitation of liability, dispute resolution and general provisions will continue to remain in force.

Dispute resolution

If you have any issues, please contact us as a first stop.

Any disputes with us which we are not able to solve amicably must be resolved in Copenhagen in accordance with Danish law.

Any dispute that may arise in connection with your use of the True Followrs Platform, including disputes regarding the existence or validity of these Terms and Conditions, must first be referred to mediation at the Arbitration Institute in accordance with the rules for mediation adopted by the Arbitration Institute. If the mediation is concluded without the dispute being settled, the dispute must be finally settled by arbitration at the Arbitration Institute in accordance with the rules adopted by the Arbitration Institute for the processing of arbitration cases. The place for this must be Copenhagen, in the Danish language in accordance with Danish law, with the exception of the provisions on conflict of laws rules.


These terms and any policy references constitute the entire agreement between you and us and supersede all prior agreements. If a provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed unenforceable, that provision shall be amended to the extent necessary to enforce it. If a provision cannot be amended, it will be exempt from these terms and all other provisions will continue to apply. If one of the parties fails to enforce a right under these terms, it does not waive the possibility of enforcing any rights in the future. We may make changes to these terms and policies. If necessary we will inform you of such changes, and if you continue to use True Followrs after a change, you accept the new terms or policies.

We reserve all rights not expressly granted herein. Our rights and remedies are cumulative. No failure or delay on the part of us in exercising any right will waive any further exercise of this right. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, this term will be restricted or revoked. We are not responsible for any delay or error caused by a force majeure event.

You and True Followrs ApS are independent contractors of each other: neither party is an agent, partner or joint venturer of the other. This Agreement is binding on the parties and their successors, personal representatives and assigns. You may not assign this Agreement to any person whose account has been terminated by us or who is prohibited from registering: any such assignment will be null and void.

These terms are your Agreement with True Followrs ApS.

This Agreement incorporates the following documents (and no others) for reference:

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy policy

  • Cookie Policy

  • Platform Standards

  • Content Standards

You must send all notices of a legal nature to us by email at support@truefollowrs.com

Platform Standards

Think before you post. The True Followrs Platform must be a wonderful, warm, and safe place for a wide range of Influencers and their Followrs.

How we enforce these Standards

If you see a page on the True Followrs Platform that you feel violates our Platform Standards, please take the time to report it. Upon reporting, we will dedicate time and effort into reviewing the report and investigate whether our Platform Standards have been violated, and our team will get in touch with any violating Influencer to seek remedy.

Our first action is always to try to work with our Influencers to help them understand how the Platform Standards have been broken and how to remedy the problem. In cases where the violation is particularly bad or intentional, we may take additional steps such as suspending or removing their account. In the most extreme cases, we may prohibit an Influencer – or Followr – from using the True Followrs Platform.

Because you may earn money through the True Followrs Platform, we might experience that we can be held accountable for what you do with these funds. Therefore, there may be instances where we want to look at what you do with your membership outside of the True Followrs Platform. As a result, when we talk about “on True Followrs”, it means the content you fund on and through the True Followrs Platform. When we review a page, we look at various factors such as; the content, where the page is linked to, and where the traffic is coming from. No matter what happens, we always give Influencers the opportunity to appeal a decision by contacting us and sending all relevant information that they believe was not taken into account. We understand the scrutiny and impact this may have, so we are committed to dealing with this in an open and transparent way, and while it may not lead to a different decision, we will do our utmost to hear and respect your thoughts.


The True Followrs Platform is for Influencers who create something original. As an Influencer, you must not post anything that infringes the intellectual property rights of others.

  • You are not allowed to create fake pages or raise money for things you do not actually do

  • You are not allowed to pretend to be or imitate another by using someone else’s name, brand or works to deceive followers.

  • You are not allowed to use the True Followrs Platform as a prank or to fund non-activity.

Bullying, harassment and threats

Something we really do not like and will do everything we can to keep out of the True Followrs Platform is any kind of bullying or harassment, as we want the True Followrs Platform to feel like a safe place for everyone. Do not attempt to intimidate anyone, either directly or by using your influence on others.

Any Influencer that threatens the well-being of an individual or a group of people will be removed. This includes threatening behavior such as persecuting or encouraging others to commit violent acts.

Hate speech

True Followrs Platform is not the place for people who support hate speech such as incitement to violence, exclusion or division. This includes serious attacks on people due to race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or serious medical conditions, discrimination or immigration status.

Pornography and sexual services:

We do not allow pornographic material or sexual services of any kind on the True Followrs Platform. This applies to any form of pornography which by way of example could be sexual acts such as masturbation or intercourse on camera, sharing fully nude pictures or the like. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to make decisions about content categorized as pornography, and thus not permitted on the True Followrs Platform. If you are in doubt or want us to elaborate on what you are allowed to share, please contact us.

Offensive and graphic creations

We have zero tolerance when it comes to glorifying sexual violence, which includes bestiality, rape, and exploitation of children (i.e. sexualized portrayal of minors). This applies to any kind of material. We reserve the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this policy and may also contact the police.

People not allowed to use the True Followrs Platform

As we may provide the True Followrs Platform for people to generate a revenue, we limit both the types of content that can be funded on the True Followrs Platform, and also the type of people who are allowed to receive funding through the True Followrs Platform.

Once a page has been created on the True Followrs Platform, any Influencer who is caught committing or convicted of making any illegal act, including but not limited to, violent threats, committing violent crimes or malicious actions, non-violent harm (such as fraud, money laundering, gambling etc.) or to encourage others to perform any of these activities, may be prohibited from accessing and using the True Followrs Platform.

We reserve the right to, in our sole discretion, restrict access to become a Verified Influencer, or become a Followr, if we believe it will have a negative impact on the True Followrs Platform.

Criminal past:

Individuals who have served their sentence for previous criminal offenses may, in principle and subject to these Terms and Conditions, use the True Followrs Platform. We reserve the right however, that any Influencer who commits or is convicted of making violent threats or acts, child abuse, malicious actions, coordinating non-violent harm (such as fraud, money laundering and gambling) or encouraging others to perform any of these activities including any other criminal – whether in the past or present – may be prohibited from using the True Followrs Platform, as decided by us, in our sole discretion.

Criminal and dangerous organizations

We will not condone any person or content which forms around conspiracy theories or dangerous groups, ideologies or likewise. Such content or people are not welcome and not permitted on the True Followrs Platform. The same goes for any member of such communities and any person endorsing the actions of such communities.

We trust that everyone know when a group/community may be considered a dangerous community, but for the avoidance of doubt and by way of example, such communities include, but not limited to, terrorist organizations, drug cartels, criminal tech hackers, fascistic and nazi groups, and obviously also groups with the aim of attacking LQBTQI+ people – we are all committed to making this earth the best possible earth to live in, so think before you post.

If you participate in endorsing these kinds of organizations this may result in your account being deleted.

Harmful and illegal activities

It probably goes without saying, but we do not allow funds to be raised for anything that promotes harmful or illegal activities. You must not fund content that recommends, threatens or shows you in the process of committing self-inflicted harm or causing harm to other people or animals. In the same way, illegal activities such as enrichment crime, the distribution of illegal weapons or the manufacture of drugs must not be promoted.


We do not allow any Influencers who promote or glorify self-harm, such as suicide etc. If we believe that there is a credible risk that the Influencer will harm themselves, we will investigate independently and cooperate with law enforcement when necessary.

Illegal activity

We do not allow Influencers who raise money for an illegal purpose or who encourage others to break the law.

Youth safety

We have zero tolerance for behaviors that exploit minors. Influencers who actively facilitate exploitation or attempt to exploit minors in this way will be removed from the True Followrs Platform.


We will not help fund Influencers involved in medical misinformation related to Covid-19 or similar, or misinformation related to conspiracy theories.

A Followr’s account

These Platform Standards apply to both Influencers and Followrs. Although we allow Influencers to some degree manage their communities, there are certain cases where our team will review reports regarding a Followrs’ behavior. We review reports of hate speech, harassment, etc., very carefully, and we will act against a user if it violates these standards. Influencer can report Followrs’ posts directly by writing to us at support@truefollowrs.com. Please note that we keep these confidential.

Content with financial advice

As integrity is a pivotal part of our existence, we strongly encourage any financial advice consumers to discuss with licensed financial professionals before making investment decisions.


Chargebacks begin when a subscriber – a Followr – contact their financial institutions to dispute a transaction. To protect Influencers, we will investigate excessively and take necessary remedies towards potentially fraudulent chargebacks and may prevent Followrs from subscribing to additional Influencers during this review. If a Followrs’ chargebacks prove to be fraudulent, we reserve the right to suspend or remove their account including seeking all necessary legal measurements.

Lost funds as Influencer

If True Followrs decides to terminate your account due to violations of guidelines regarding permissible content on the platform, or if you attempt to engage in financial crimes, any funds that you may have in your account will no longer be in your possession and will therefore be considered lost.

Lost funds as subscriber

If you choose to close/delete your account and have not requested True Followrs to withdraw your funds to your wallet (if you have funds on your wallet), you will not be able to recover your money. Subsequently, True Followrs will have discretion in determining the handling of these funds.

These Platform Standards are part of our Terms and Conditions. For more information, contact us directly at support@truefollowrs.com

Content Standards

Exclusive content is supposed to be a broad spectrum and allow for creativity and passion, but we are committed to nonetheless ensure certain limitations to what you are able to offer to your Followrs as part of your content, and to which you must comply. Hence we provide you with these Content Standards, that you must adhere to.

Acknowledging that the general Influencer solely wants to deliver content which stems from good vibes, good intentions, and thorough consideration, we are aware that the Followrs pay money for such content, and we are therefore careful on what kind of content to be allowed delivered by the Influencer. Therefore, we will assess the Influencers entire online presence when reviewing the content delivered.

Illegal works and content

The task of assessing if content may be deemed illegal is a tricky task given the international aspect of our Influencers. Therefore, our Content Standards are aimed at being considered global standards, so it does not matter where you are situated, or which laws apply. Examples of content which most likely will be condemned as not allowed anywhere on the True Followrs Platform are, as mentioned earlier as well;

  • Images of child abuse and sexual reproduction of minors.

  • Images of mistreatment of people or animals.

  • Access to games of chance and gaming products or services

  • Drugs, medicines etc.

Note that True Followrs allows Influencers to discuss topics involving fitness, medicine and supplements as long as it doesn’t put people at risk. It’s a fine line, but there’s a difference between referencing actual medical research facts and delivering content saying “How to cure cancer just by practicing yoga”, which obviously will be considered content not allowed on the True Followrs Platform.

Finance and cryptocurrency

You are welcome to talk about and share content involving finance and cryptocurrency, but True Followrs is not designed to specific financial advice and creations or the developing of an investment plan. Hence, you are welcome to share general content, but you must not offer the following as part of your exclusive content:

  • Creating and delivering coins or any type of cryptocurrency

  • Influencers may not deliver content designed to commit fraud, such as pyramid schemes or similar.

  • Influencers are not allowed to create content that promise Followrs a financial benefit based on advice delivered in the content, e.g. “if you pay me 50 euros a month, I promise you that you’ll be able to earn 10 times as much.”

Pornography, prostitution and sexual services

We do not allow pornography or sexual services in any way to be funded on the True Followrs Platform. Therefore, you must not offer the following content:

  • You may not use True Followrs to provide access to pornographic material such as providing access to a website or to a shared private access to pornographic works, whether hosted on True Followrs or on another platform. Pornography is defined in this regard as real people performing sexual acts such as masturbation or intercourse in front of a camera.

  • You may not offer elements that are either sexually gratifying or intimate.

  • You may not use True Followrs payment system to fund escort activities.

  • You may not offer an erotic webcam session to your Followrs.

The question is basically what your Followrs are paying for on True Followrs. We are happy to offer you additional guidance if you want to elevate your page towards different kind of Followrs etc., so if you have any doubts, please get in touch with us.

Other things you should be aware of

The abovementioned is not to be considered an exhaustive listing, and in our sole discretion we may update, change and/or amend the standards going forward. It may be due to changes in technology or for any other reason as determined by us. We want you to succeed, so if you are in doubt or have questions towards your content herein with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at support@truefollowrs.com and we will seek to help you as soon as possible.

The content delivered to the True Followrs Platform may be reviewed and we reserve the right to refuse processing of content at any time and for any reason. It is your responsibility as an Influencer to follow these standards.

By uploading and delivering content to True Followrs, you agree that it complies with all True Followrs standards, Terms and Conditions etc.

This Content Standards is part of True Followrs’ Terms and Conditions. For more information, please contact True Followrs at support@truefollowrs.com.